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  • Battle-Tested & Proven Ads

  • Advanced AI Appointment Setter

  • Automated 365-Day Email Nurture

As a Property Professional you're juggling more balls than a circus clown on stilts. Between property assessments, client meetings, and paperwork, finding time to effectively market yourself and generate new leads feels like searching for a needle in a haystack - blindfolded.

You've tried everything short of skywriting your contact details. Late nights wrestling with social media algorithms, spending a fortune on marketing agencies that promise the moon but deliver a pebble, and attempting to master the arcane art of online advertising. All while your competition seems to effortlessly attract clients like moths to a flame. It's enough to make you consider a career change to professional pillow tester.

Enter Agent Rocket, a savvy software that automates your entire social media client acquisition process, from custom ad campaigns to prospect nurturing. No more fumbling with Facebook Ads Manager or emptying your wallet on overpriced agencies. Focus on what matters - helping clients achieve their real estate goals and building your thriving business - while Agent Rocket works its behind-the-scenes magic.

what's it do for you?

Proven Ads

Select your proven ad, choose your target location(s), and launch your campaign with just a few clicks.

Follow-Up & Nurture

Real Estate trained AI assistant follow-up and automated 365 day email nurture campaign.

Qualified Leads

Conversational AI qualifies and books calls with motivated prospects into your calendar.

nice words from nice people

"Gets instant results and price is unbeatable. He (Agent Rocket) is a legend and really cares about you and your results, recommend highly.”

“Resulted in dozens of leads every month and my business grew thanks to his (Agent Rocket's) efforts. The results and service are second to none.”

“It was so refreshing to work with Isaac (Agent Rocket). I would highly recommend Isaac's (Agent Rocket's) services as a great addition to any marketing endeavour."

looks good, what's in it?

  • Proven Battle-Tested Ads

  • Launch Campaigns in Minutes

  • Ads Customised & Branded To You

  • Exclusive Qualified Leads

  • Advanced Conversational AI

  • Automated Follow-Up

  • Automated 365-Day Nurture

  • Automated Appointment Setting

  • Automated Appointment Reminders

  • Smart Lead Qualification System


  • Specialised Lead Management Platform

  • Centralised Communication Hub

  • Database Import and Reactivation Campaigns

  • Mobile App for On-the-Go Lead Management

  • Real-Time Lead Notifications

  • Social Media Post Planner & Scheduler

  • Automated Comment Reply & DM

  • AI-Powered Social Media Engagement

  • Performance Analytics and Reporting

  • Ongoing Support


Investment and ROI:

How much dough do I need to fork out, and will I be rolling in it afterwards?

Let's crunch a few numbers.

We recommend a minimum ad spend of $50 AUD per day, though the beauty of digital marketing is its scalability. You can start with a modest budget of $900-$1,000 per month and increase as you see results. Your total monthly investment, including the $697 Agent Rocket fee, would be around $2,200.

Consider this: with just one $10K transaction in three months, you're looking at a minimum ROI of 66%. Just one successful transaction can more than cover months of marketing costs. Plus, you're building a valuable long-term brand and database.

We've designed Agent Rocket to be a profit centre, not a cost centre for your business.

Your ad budget goes directly to Facebook/Instagram, giving you full control.


Will I have this playground all to myself, or do I have to share the sandbox?

It's all yours, champ!

We guarantee exclusivity in your market. This is a key part of our service, allowing you to dominate your local digital space.

When you sign up, we carve out your specific service area and won't accept any other agents within that zone. This not only protects your investment but also ensures the effectiveness of your campaigns by limiting ad competition among our clients.

At the end of the day our business model is built on your success.


What's your magic trick to make these ads actually bring home the bacon?

No rabbits in hats here!

We've developed and refined our ad templates over years of working exclusively with Australian real estate agents.

These templates are customised for your specific market and brand, ensuring relevance and effectiveness. Plus, we continuously test and optimise campaigns based on real-time data.

The entire Agent Rocket system is built upon strategies that have worked for hundreds of agents and consistently delivers results across diverse markets.

Our secret sauce is a combination of industry expertise and cutting-edge technology.

Ease of Use:

Will I need a degree in rocket science to use this thing?

No pocket protector required!

Agent Rocket is designed with simplicity in mind. We handle the entire setup process for you, and our intuitive dashboard makes campaign management a breeze that even the most tech-averse agents find easy to navigate.

You can launch new campaigns with just a few clicks, and on our one-one-one full-service onboarding experience we’ll walk you through launching your first campaign step-by-step.

We've streamlined the process to make it as easy as possible. If you can use Facebook, you can use Agent Rocket.


Why pick Agent Rocket over a fancy full-service agency or not just DIY it?

Agent Rocket is the Goldilocks of real estate marketing - not too hands-off like an agency, not too overwhelming like DIY.

We're former agency owners that specialise exclusively in real estate marketing who built Agent Rocket from the ground up to address the shortcomings of traditional marketing services.

Agent Rocket offers the best of both worlds. You get the agency-level results of a full-service agency with the cost-effectiveness and control of an in-house solution. Plus, you retain control and transparency that you wouldn't get with an agency or by doing it yourself without the necessary expertise that would take years to develop on your own, ensuring you're not wasting time or money on ineffective strategies.

Lead Quality:

How can I be sure these leads aren't just going to be kicking tires?

Let's face it, some time-wasters are inevitable - but we've got tricks up our sleeve!

Our ads are designed to resonate with serious buyers, sellers and even investors, and begin qualifying them from the get-go.

Your conversational AI confirms phone numbers as they come in and even books calls with promising prospects.

The automated lead nurturing system helps educate and build trust, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

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